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#40 Reframing Medication: What Could Go Right?

Battling mental illness is hard enough. When we add the stigmas and confusion around it, it can be debilitating. When considering if medication is the right option, we often will get more anxiety and think of all the things that could go wrong. This post will help us consider what could go right.



“She’s alive, but…”

These words stole my breathe and everything began to move in slow motion as my sister proceeded to tell me our mom had been rushed to the ER after being found passed out in her home by a friend. All we knew at that moment was they think she had suffered a stroke. We didn’t know if she would live or die. We didn’t know IF she survived whether she’d ever be able to walk or talk again.

One of our worst nightmares was unfolding right before our eyes and there was nothing we could do to stop it.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you gotten the text or phone call you never thought you’d get?

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