Have you ever put your big girl panties on, stepped up to the plate to do something that totally terrified you but then froze in panic when it came time to actually DO the thing??

I’ve found myself in this predicament many a time. The most recent example happened at a swimming pool.

My in-loves take all their kids and grand-kids somewhere fun each summer. This year, we were down two members of our family because of COVID, but the rest of us were blessed to spend the week together at this beyond sensational rental just a few hours from home.

This 👇 was all ours for the week.

Don’t hate me, I know I’m spoiled. 💁 I married into a fabulous family.

The kids took great pleasure in jumping into the pool from the rock.

After watching my kids, niece and nephew be brave day after day, I felt compelled on our last night to make the jump myself.

Let me just say, that rock is muuuuch farther above the water than it appeared from inside the pool. And the kids made it look so easy. But my heightened perspective brought my bravery to a screeching halt. 🛑

I had literally spent the night before cheering our daughter on to face her fears: 📣 “You can do it!” “You’re gonna love it once you do it.” “It’s ok to be scared, but you can be brave too.”🎉

But when 👉🏻my 38-year-old self 👈🏻 got up there to flex my own fear muscles, my feet froze to that rock like a tongue frozen to a flagpole in February. The best part: I had asked our son if I could jump with him. So, he’s standing there ready to leap like it ain’t no thang, and I’m shakin’ in my skeevies ready to chicken out.🤦🏻‍♀️

That sweet six-year-old gazed up at me with those huge hazel eyes and declared, “You can do it, mommy!” And I knew this would be a defining moment. Something he’d remember. Something I’d remember.

My feet barely made it off the ground. And help me y’all, this was not my best body moment. 🤿 But I jumped. And I proved to myself and my kids that we can do brave things even when it frightens the freckles right off our face.

Sometimes strength looks like surrender. Sometimes courage looks like calling out for help. And sometimes it looks like jumping into a pool with my six year old, who is much braver than I am.

Andrea M. Nyberg

WIFE · MOM · WRITER · SPEAKER · based in San Jose, CA.

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