Andrea M. Nyberg

Andrea M. Nyberg is a speaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area who brings humor, honesty and a heart of compassion as she guides women to (re)frame the space where pain and hope hold hands.

Signature Talk: I’m Such A Messterpiece

With insight from her new book, Andrea empowers women to shatter stigmas, (re)frame fear, and find themselves fully loved—even when they feel like a mess.

Each woman will walk away with:

  • Solidarity: She will know she is not the only one who struggles with shame.
  • Hope: She will know what Scripture says about who she really is and how to battle lies with truth.
  • Perspective: We’ll do a hands-on exercise to replace the fear of being an unrepairable mess with the freedom of being the divinely crafted masterpiece of God.

* We can stay in the “shallow end of the pool” or dive deep. I’ve done a “Stand Up for Your Sister” activity that’s very powerful.

What Women Are Saying…

Frances Tuck

“When you hear Andrea speak, two things are evident: she loves Jesus and she loves the people to whom she is speaking. She shares her story in a way that’s relatable and encouraging. I walked away from her talk feeling seen, understood, and empowered to reframe challenging parts of my life. She is a generous speaker, sure to bless your group.” -Frances T.

Beth Leung

Andrea spoke at our Mops group. She was vibrant, funny, and ever so relatable. She spoke from her heart and connected with us. Her message was encouraging and inspiring. Andrea also took the time to get to know and mingle with our moms before and after. I highly recommend Andrea as a speaker at any event.” -Beth L.

Andrea gives lively messages that challenge and embolden listeners to live in the freedom for which they were created. Her talks are thought-provoking, funny and wise. Wherever you are on your journey, Andrea’s words will bring hope and point to you toward Jesus. -Lindsey S.

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