Hey there, I’m Andrea!

I remember the first time I took the stage to share my story of debilitating anxiety and depression as a mom with two young kids. A palpable sigh of relief blanketed the room as woman after woman realized she wasn’t alone in her struggle to balance her faith in God with her declining mental health. This put a fire in my bones to bring hope and solidarity to as many moms as I could.

My passion is to help you reframe what it looks like to both love Jesus and live with anxiety and depression through embracing the power of a “both/and” mindset.

I’ve struggled through the pain and confusion of “having the power of the Holy Spirit” yet feeling powerless against anxiety and depression. But I reclaimed my hope in Jesus by reframing my perspective. And I want that for you too.


Feelings fluctuate. Faith falters. But Jesus’ love for us in an unstoppable force that remains true no matter what we face or how we feel.

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