It is a particularly strange time to be alive, and our need for wisdom beyond what we face on a regular basis grows each day.

When it rains, it pours,” they say. And that is true for the hard times in our lives. But isn’t that also true of the wisdom, discernment, instruction and love of our Father God? I’m puttin’ my money on yes! Otherwise, how do we balance joy and pain? How do we face the ups and down of this messy, marvelous life?


Joyful is the person who finds wisdom, the one who gains understanding…  Wisdom is a tree of life to those who embrace her; happy are those who hold her tightly.”

– Proverbs 3:13-18 NLT

Isn’t this Bible art by Alycia Neighbours beautiful? 

I love a good word picture. And trees are particularly one of my favorite images. And when it relates to God, it’s a like a triple win. 

I read through three commentaries trying to better understand this passage (Prov 3:13-20). I particularly wanted to be sure I understood:

  • What does Wisdom mean here?
  • What does it mean that Wisdom offers me long life, riches and honor? (I don’t to preach a prosperity gospel)
  • How, by having wisdom, do all my paths become delightful and satisfying? (again, sounds a bit too good to be true)

Here are my takeaways:

Seeking God’s guidance and input in each area of our lives allows to us to gain wisdom, which in turn leads to blessing (spiritual, emotional and physical):

  • When we seek God, He will teach us to make wise choices and use good judgement.
  • When we follow God’s instruction by making wise choices and using good judgement each day, our lives will naturally be ones marked by joy and blessing, no matter our circumstances.
  • Because of the wisdom we have gained through the practice of making wise choices and using good judgement, we will be able to endure pain, suffering, affliction with grace because we have been well developed under the leadership of God Himself.

Matthew Henry says we gain understanding “with the bucket of prayer from the fountain of all wisdom.”

Can’t you just picture lowering your bucket of prayers down into the fountain of wisdom and lifting it back up to find it overflowing with the guidance of God?

It’s like that feeling we get when we’ve just met with a mentor and we walk away feeling equipped, encouraged and ready to take our next brave step. You know what I’m talking about? Only, it’s the direct and personal mentorship of God. #awesome 


Seeking God’s wisdom as a Father comes with trusting that He has our best interest in mind and He can see the whole picture when we only see a pixel or two.

If I think of this in terms of being a mother, it makes so much sense.

  • My hope for my kids, more than anything, is for them to know God and the power of His love.
  • In that love, I pray they seek God daily so they will know His peace no matter what life brings their way.
  • Because that is our hope, my husband and I do all we can to show our kids what trusting God and seeking His wisdom looks like. (We fail and fumble, but we make it a point to model it.)

How about you, dear friend?
What prayers have you lowered down into the fountain of wisdom?

When you’ve pulled it back up, what have you found? Is it what you expected? 

Do you have a rhythm of seeking God daily to help you make wise choices and use good judgement? Have you seen the blessings that come from that guidance?


Father God, we seek You now for Your wisdom, guidance and understanding.

We admit that we so often take matters into our own hands and fail to lower our prayer down into the fountain of Your wisdom.

We long to know Your ways and reflect Your love to the world, our family and our friends. Help us develop a rhythm of seeking You daily. Help us become more attune to Your voice. Teach us to make wise choices and use good judgement each day. 

Help us let go of shame, which leads to despair. Lead us to the well of Your Living Water where we will never know thirst again. Especially now, Lord, when the world seems to be turning upside down.

We were already so overwhelmed because of quarantine. Now, we hold the weight of figuring out how to talk to our kids about the hatred and injustices of this world. 

Lord, we need Your wisdom now more than ever. Thank you for promising joy and satisfaction when we seek You. We ask for all these things in the name of Christ our Lord. Amen.


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How can I be praying for you this week?


Andrea M. Nyberg

WIFE · MOM · WRITER · SPEAKER · based in San Jose, CA.

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