There is something inexplicably captivating in the soft glow of a Christmas tree. It is welcoming and warm. Each tiny light holds power that pierces the darkness. Yet it gently welcomes me to sit close and stare in awe and wonder. The longer I sit and stare, the further away the worries of life seem.

In the same moment I’m met with nostalgia over Christmases past. I feel comforted in my childhood memories. I feel sad and happy all at once, remembering the traditions we held so dear but didn’t realize would fade away so quickly. I feel inspired by the new memories I’m making with my husband and children.

Yet over all these feelings, there is peace. A peace that is eternal. Because the lights on my Christmas tree are only a faint hint of the powerful tenderness the Light of the world, Jesus, gives. His light is life. It pierces the darkness and brings joy everlasting. Nothing we face can dim His light. It shines bright amidst all the pain and darkness in this world.

I pray today, no matter what you face, you will find comfort and joy in the love of Jesus. He is near and ready to comfort you with His peace that passes all understanding. May His love help reframe your day as you sit under the glow of His light.

Andrea M. Nyberg

WIFE · MOM · WRITER · SPEAKER · based in San Jose, CA.

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