your past does not define you

There’s no denying our pasts shape who we are. For good and for bad. The list of experiences goes on and on.

But no matter what your past holds,  it does NOT limit what God can do with your future.

You are never too far gone. You are not “unfixable”. You are not a lost cause.

You are loved. You are brave. You are teachable.

You have courage and confidence under your fears and insecurities. You may just need a little help uncovering them in order to discover their power.

Practice saying these truths to yourself each day this week:

“I am loved.”

“I am brave.”

“I am teachable.”

“I have courage and confidence.”

“My fears and insecurities may shape me, but they do not define me.”

“I can reach out for help and learn tools to help me overcome lies with truth.”

“My life is worth investing in. My thoughts are worth investing in. My behavior is worth investing in.”

“I am teachable.”

“I am brave.”

“I am loved.”

Even if you don’t believe these statements are true yet, say them anyway. Every day. There is tremendous power in spoken words. When we speak words of truth aloud to ourselves, our brains begin to shape new neural pathways that have the capacity to overtake old, unhealthy neural pathways.  The more we practice speaking words of truth to ourselves, the stronger that new neural pathway will become and eventually it will be stronger than the old pathways of lies.

You are loved, dear one.

Andrea M. Nyberg

WIFE · MOM · WRITER · SPEAKER · based in San Jose, CA.

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