Easter is about hope, renewal, new life.

The miracle of God coming as to Earth as a baby at Christmas is made complete with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Christ DEFEATED death and ROSE AGAIN on the third day.  Easter is pivotal because without the resurrected Christ, there would be no hope. Death would have won. But because Jesus was who He said He was, the Son of God, fully God and fully man, He holds the keys of life and death. He IS the RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE!

We have HOPE because “the tomb was EMPTY”!

Jesus is ALIVE. Today and always. He is our LIVING HOPE.

Here’s the whole story: The Book of John, The Bible

Other resources: The Case for Easter

May the HOPE of Easter be real and tangible to you today.

Happy Easter, dear ones!

Andrea M. Nyberg

WIFE · MOM · WRITER · SPEAKER · based in San Jose, CA.

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