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Andrea’s debut book helps us consider that pain and hope can hold hands, a mess can still be a masterpiece, and the God who created us will be with us, will strengthen us, and will love us no matter what.

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Life is not without suffering. But suffering is not without hope.

Are you a Christian living with anxiety, depression, trauma, or chronic illness? If so, you’re in the right place, and you’re not alone.

Battling anxiety and depression, Andrea Nyberg was drowning in hopelessness. With her physical, mental, and spiritual health in a downward spiral, Andrea reached out for help—an act of courage that saved her life and set freedom and healing in motion. Mindful that we are all masterpieces of God despite our messes, Andrea shares her story to help you (re)frame what it looks like to both love Jesus and struggle with anxiety and depression.

Her new book, I’m Such A Messterpiece, will inspire you with practical tools and resources to help you find joy as you reestablish the foundation of your faith, embrace a survivor mindset, and discover that hope and healing are yours for the taking.


Applause from acclaimed women:

I’m Such a Messterpiece is a must read! Andrea keeps it raw and real as she takes us through the real-life issues of mental health, anxiety, and panic attacks—things that just aren’t talked about enough in the church. Her beautiful story of redemption points us to hope, encourages us to be honest about our struggles, and reminds us that Jesus loves us no matter what. –Ashley Henriott, Tik Tok mom, coach, and podcast host of Confidence and Coffee

Andrea Nyberg skillfully draws her reader into her story of a life that is hard and sometimes messy. Like a warm blanket for those caught in the cold reality of their own mess, Andrea’s words bring hope. As someone who has struggled with the shame of depression as a Christian, I think this book is invaluable. –Debbie Alsdorf, Author of It’s Momplicated, Deeper, and The Faith Dare

Praise from pastors:

The church has long encouraged the integration of our emotional and physical health, even in the midst of sickness and suffering, alongside our spiritual health as a means for flourishing. However, we’ve not often taken this same view of mental health. In fact, we’ve often pushed mental health to the side or largely ignored it. That is why I’m Such A Messterpiece is such a welcome book, because it walks us through how to integrate our mental health alongside our emotional, physical, and spiritual health so that we can flourish as followers of Jesus without having to leave any part of us behind or neglected. I believe Andrea’s offering will serve the church well for years to come! –Chris Wilson, Lead Pastor/Planter of Restoration Church

Dealing with mental struggles in a Christian context has often been restrictive and can be more weighty than helpful. Andrea graciously invites the reader into her struggles with anxiety and depression as well as everyday mental battles in a way that breaks down the isolating shame these feelings bring. Then she gives many tools, along with reminders of Godly truths, to help silence the lies. Read this book as fast or slow as you’d like, but be sure to slowly, reflectively, work through the applications she gives. –Drew Froese, Lead Pastor of Real Life Christian Church and author of Faith Full: A Practical Guide For FULLY Living Out Your Faith


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