I’m Such a Messterpiece is an invitation to (re)frame the fears that hold us captive by considering that pain and hope can hold hands, a mess can still be a masterpiece, and the God who created us will be with us, will strengthen us, and will love us no matter what.

COMING March 28, 2023!


Shattering Stigmas, (Re)Framing Our Fears, and Finding Ourselves Fully Loved

Do you want to exchange shame and stigmas for truth and freedom in your identity, faith, and mental health? Then I’m Such A Messterpiece is the book for you!

In a word, anxiety and depression are disorienting. So, how do we grab hold of hope when we’re stuck in our feelings, fears, and failures? Birthed from her own journey, Andrea offers solidarity in the struggles, prayers for the battle, and tangible tools to (re)frame our mindset. Even in the middle of the mess.

A must read! Andrea keeps it raw and real as she takes us through the real-life issues of mental health. Her beautiful story of redemption points us to hope. She encourages us to be honest about our struggles and reminds us that Jesus will love us no matter what.Ashley Henriott (Tik Tok mom, coach, and podcast host of Coffee and Confidence)

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