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Balance: Joy + Pain Choices, the power to choose to change faith over fear


Each day we live, we are perpetually learning how to hold joy in one hand and pain in the other. And each day, with all of it’s mess and marvel, will pass.

We so often want to CLING to the splendid moments while rushing through the strenuous ones. And that’s fair. But I wonder what we may miss in the process. I wonder what God may be doing through both the joyful and painful moments of our days.

I wonder what it would look like to REFRAME our days, our motherhood, through the lens of God’s love for us. To hold up the good stuff, the hard stuff, and all the in-between stuff to the lens of God’s love and see what He sees.

faith over fear

#SolidarySaturday – The Days “In-Between”

Yesterday was Good Friday. Sunday is Easter. But today is a day of silence, grief and mourning. Similar to the day between when Jesus died and rose again, we face a tension when we’re sitting in-between where we are and where we want to be. But there is a sacredness to this space that we may miss. Read more for hope and solidarity.

Choices, the power to choose to change faith over fear

#SOLIDARITYSATURDAY: Surviving Social Distancing During Coronageddon

The world is spinning in light of all the shutdowns and lack of toilet paper caused by this ever-changing, quick-spreading virus. There isn’t a corner of the world unaffected and this business is getting serious. …

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