Andrea is a writer and speaker passionate about helping you shatter shame, stigmas and self-doubt by leaning into the HOPE of Scripture and the SOLIDARITY of friendship.

Her battle through severe anxiety and depression led her to the tools of therapy, medication and mental/emotional health classes through her hospital and church. God strengthened, helped and sustained her through the storm (Isaiah 41:10) with His own unending love alongwith the love and support of her family, friends and MOPS group.

She holds a Masters in Educational Leadership from Gateway Seminary and served as the MOPS Coordinator to 100+ women from 2017-2019. She lives in San Jose, CA with her husband, two children and fur baby.

Frances T.
Frances T.

When you hear Andrea speak, two things are evident: she loves Jesus and she loves the people to whom she is speaking. She shares her story in a way that’s relatable and encouraging. I walked away from her talk feeling seen, understood, and empowered to reframe challenging parts of my life. She is a generous speaker, sure to bless your group.

Nathan S.
Nathan S.

Andrea has spoken to our junior high students (700) in regards to anxiety and depression. She did a fabulous job make this sensitive topic age appropriate. She was willing to come in and get advice from our counseling staff as to the appropriate delivery. She will be doing a two-day event with our High School (1630) this coming January. We are thrilled to host her again.

Lindsey S.
Lindsey S.

“Andrea gives lively messages that challenge and embolden listeners to live in the freedom for which they were created. Her talks are thought-provoking, funny and wise. Wherever you are on your journey, Andrea’s words will bring hope and point to you toward Jesus.”



Do shame, guilt and fear tempt you into isolation like they do me? It takes courage and intentionality to show up and be vulnerable, especially when we’re carrying burdens like anxiety and depression. But something truly healing happens when we allow others to see these tender parts of our story: we realize we’re not alone in the messiness of life. Very likely, someone else has a scar that looks a lot like ours. And being vulnerable allows us to build a strong and safe sisterhood where fear, shame and guilt lose their grip on us and we begin to find beauty in our brokenness. Scripture from Isaiah 41:10 and John 10:10


  • Creating a safe space for sincere sisterhood.
  • Identifying next steps in your story.
  • How to be a good friend to a sister who is struggling.

REFRAMING LIFE: to the full

So much of life is perspective. Many days, we get stuck in feeling like a “bad mom” and we lose sight of all the ways we’re rockin’ this mom gig.

In this talk, we’ll use the language of photography to help us consider where we’re putting our focus and how that affects how we feel about ourselves. The goal is to replace the lens of shame with the lens of love so we can live life “to the full!”. Scripture from Genesis 1, Eph 3:14-21, Eph 4:14-15 and John 10:10

  • WHERE IS MY FOCUS? Are my eyes fixed on my circumstances? Or are they fixed on Jesus, the Light of the World? 
  • WHERE AM I FINDING LIGHT? Am I choosing to position myself to be illuminated by the rays of God’s love for me? If I’m sitting in a dark place, can I trust God to provide just enough light to make my next step clear? 
  • WHO IS IN CONTROL? Am I allowing my circumstances and things outside of my control to direct my every move and thought? Or am I trusting God with my circumstances and asking Him to guide me in truth and wisdom? 


Whether learned or innate, when fear takes root in our hearts and minds, its main goal is to take control. The good news is: WE CAN TAKE THE CONTROL BACK! How? Through identifying the difference in proactive vs reactive behaviors and learning to make intentional choices that lead to less fear and more fun! Scripture from Ephesians 3:14-21 and John 10:10

Interested in a different topic? No problem! Let’s chat about a customized message that answers the questions your moms are asking!


5 minute clip from keynote talk to high school students on anxiety + depression

End of Year MOPS meeting: wrapping up Find Your Fire (Fueled for Life)


Because sometimes the thing that breaks you is the very thing that leads you to your life’s purpose.