I was born and raised in the land of BBQ, jazz and rock-n-roll: Memphis, TN.

Fresh off the feat of graduating from the University of Memphis with my B.A. in Journalism Public Relations, I headed West to sunny California to attend Golden Gate Seminary (now Gateway Seminary).

With plans only to graduate with an M.A.E.L (Master of Arts in Educational Leadership), God had a few more letters He thought looked good beside my name. In June 2007, I became Mrs. Eric Nyberg.  Awwww 🙂

We spent the next few years working, buying a house and getting a dog. In August 2011, our ray of sunshine, Chloe, came along. Two and a half years later, Chloe got a BIG Christmas present and our cabbage-patch-faced ginger, Eliott, was born. 

We live in San Jose, CA where the commutes are rough but the weather is right 😉

My normal week includes:

  • a shower at least every other day
  • packing lunches and getting the kids to and from school across town
  • grocery shopping and experimenting with recipes
  • cleaning something in my house…. maybe…. iffy…. probably not
  • date night with my hubby
  • mommy date with each of my kids
  • catching up with friends and mentors over coffee
  • watching This Is Us
  • taking photos of families and local business owners
  • singing on the worship team at my church
  • studying and learning about personalities, psychology and faith
  • speaking at MOPS groups across the Bay Area
  • and encouraging folks via FB and Insta with ways to reframe their day through the lens of love
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